Why do I miss her while going through our divorce?

So I am going through a divorce. I am deployed and told her about 3 months ago I want a divorce. I have a lawyer and am doing the paperwork needed to get it done.

We do not really talk, I was very angry with her for about two months and now I miss her. I miss just talking to her. I know why I am divorcing her and I'm sticking to my convictions but I been thinking about her lately. It sucks it had to come to this.

Although I realize many of you will speculate and be little me I can tell you that my business and reasons for divorcing her are private and not anyone on here will change my mind or ruffle my feathers by rude comments. I am simply asking one question not laying all my dirty laundry out there for people to pick through.

Why do I miss her? Why have I started to think about her more? Why is this getting harder now that telling her I want a divorce?


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  • The reality of the divorce has set in. Your anger has subsided. You're thinking more logically now, compared to when you were mad and thinking and making decisions off emotions.

    My guess is, though you are proably not in love with her any longer, you like her company, and like her as a person.


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  • only you would know the answer to that question. All that we can do is speculate and guess. My guess is that you still love her. I don't know how hard you tried to make it work but maybe you don't have closure because you didn't exhaust every option of trying to make your marriage work before you gave up.

  • She's probably been that familiar and constant part of your life for so long so it's probably a bit of a shock for you. I'm sorry. I'm sure you will be able to focus more on yourself and your happiness moving forward


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  • As a fellow service member in the army, my guess is you miss her because your deployed, especially if you have a lot of down time. I hate when I'm away and I just broke up with a girl, its because your stuck out there with nothing to do but your mission and screwing around with your battles. When you get back and your out and about doing stuff, not too mention getting laid, you won't think about her as much. Good luck out there battle stay safe!

    • Thank you for that answer. Yes I have a lot of down time it seems like an eternity since I was last in civilization. I hope these feelings subside when I go home and get to relax.

  • It could be getting harder because now you face the reality of a divorce.

    It might even get harder once you've both a new partner.

    • I can imagine somethings other people do will remind me of her

    • Indeed. And:

      -once you have a new partner, she'll get jealous, once she has a new partner you'll get jealous.

      I hope there are no kids yet.

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