Ex Hubby and his weirdo personality..

Have a quick question, I do care about my ex, we have two children together and had an 8yr run (until I got demanding apparently) he bad mouthed me for years to mutual friends etc, saying I'm crazy yada yada.. we've been split for about 7 now and he's a great dad to our boys. He's on his fourth or fifth relationship since our split and I've had like two.He's super chatty when it's just him and I exchanging the kids and tries hard not to laugh at my jokes.stifles his laughs and stares intently. He always says "I don't care what you do...but I don't want to hear about it.." and he gets snarky when I do have a boyfriend or seeing someone..always has something negative up his sleeve to be detremental about the person, make fun of etc..all the while saying he doesn't care..WTH! Anyone have any insight? He seems like the classic doesn't want me but doesn't want anyone else with me either..


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  • well it does sound like he gets jealous when you're involved with another man. which I guess would be sort of expected considering how long you two were together and that you have children too. I don't know how you feel about him and whether you two spend anytime together and talk but that might help him better understand where you're at in your life and that you actually genuinely care about him as a person a friend and a dad. hope this helps.

  • I sense this telationship isn't quite over


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