Husband wants me to do something mean to him while he is tied up in bondage. help??

Ok. So he's wear a tight spandex one piece with my bathing suit top over the top and my white high heel boots and I'm hog tieing him behind his back with handcuffs for his hands and I'm tieing his feet together with rope and then tieing the rope to the handcuffs and then lightly hanging him to keep him from moving. He will be in our closet like that for 3 hours and he wants me to do something mean to him while he's like that but I'm at a total loss for anything mean. I'm not a mean person. This is happening tonight. HELP ME PLEASE? Lol!


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  • I would assume hanging him in the closet for three hours is mean enough.


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  • If he's wearing that get up for three hours in dark
    then with bright light blazing & video cam running
    throw open the door and shout
    you're live on the internet, slave
    any requests?

    Then pour a large glass of iced tea slowly from a pitcher near his ear
    "are you thirsty, slave?"
    then lightly massage/stroke his buttocks & penis/balls
    "do you need to pee or something?"
    "Sorry not allowed"
    "let me see what the problem is..."
    snip the spandex away to allow his junk fall out of the front & cut two large circles to expose his buns
    ala Clockwork Orange house invasion rape scene
    while you grip his cock, slap his rump with a ping pong paddle
    then stroke, slap
    stroke, slap...

    Can YOU finish this for us?

  • make him watch as you cut the buttons off all his shirts and pants

  • Tie weights to his nipples.


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  • PLEASE tell me this is a joke and don't hang your boyfriend that's fricking stupid hell die!


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