Does she want me back?

So my ex girlfriend and I have been exceptionally close for the last few months. We talk multiple times a day and have been hanging out around 2-4 days a week. She also calls me for EVERYTHING!

Lately, she has been calling me when she is upset and feeling low about her lack of direction. When we're together we act like a couple. Very flirty, touchy, holding hands, laying with one another, etc. She's also been telling me how cute I am, how great I am, and how grateful she is that I am in her life. Furthermore, she often tells me that I am the only person she feels totally comfortable with. However, we both don't want to be in relationship right now. I am starting my career after many years in school and she still has 3-5 more years of school.

We both value our careers and success. We also both adore one another. My friends often ask me when we got back together, and my mother often tells us both to stop being stupid and get married already. In my heart I feel she's the one but every time I've asked her she's gotten upset and tells me if she wants it she'll say it. I am dating other girls but none have made me feel as she does. With her it was truly love at first sight. We share the same ideals, desires from life, and simply get along so well. When we are together its like the world stops and its just us. I just want to know given her action towards me if I have a chance down the line. Well, thank you in advance!


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  • In my opinion you obviously have a chance with her. I think she loves you. But she might be afraid of love Etc. I say just don't mention it for a year or so, keep hanging out with her as much as you can, and things should fall into place. GOOD LUCK! ^.^

    • Thanks! Last night she asked me why I stand by her and that I must thinks she's annoying. I told her that I loved her plain and simple and that if I could do anything in life that all I would want is to grow old with her. She had the biggest smile I've ever seen her shine. I think your idea is solid. Just keep doing what I am doing and let the dominos fall into place.Any other tips?

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  • Ask her dear

    • Already did a few times. She says she wants to enjoy her 20's. However, when I back off she gravitates towards me. She's the one who initiates talking and hanging out. I just do my thing. It's tough at times and we fight a little over it but we are insanely close and connected. When we are together we are in our own world. We get lost w/in each other. I think I should just keep the course and see what comes of it?

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  • I feel like she likes you and you have a chance but like you both said you don't want a relationship right now, but thinking in alterative, ask her what she would think about an open relationship, you guys do all the stuff like your dating but don't date each other and still can see other people. at least until she is ready to have a real full relationship with you

    • I'm an old school dude. When I am in a relationship I only have eyes for the girl I am with. She is very much the same way. However, thank you for your advice!

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