I'm lost and confused. Do I fight for her or just end it all?

My girlfriend ended our relationship. She said she needed space which I gave her. But now her ex came back into the picture. They had a really rough relationship and she wanted out. Now she believes that she can fix it. But she admitted to me that it won't work. She even said that her ex is hung up on someone else and can't really give her all his heart. When we were dating, she said I was everything she wanted in someone. We were "perfect" together. We never fought or had any problems. Until now. I fell for her, hard. But it breaks my heart to see her go and attempt a already broken relationship. Especially with someone who was a total control freak that he is. He wouldn't let her see her own friends without getting upset. After she finally left him in January she met me in March. She was moving to Dayton but after she met me she backed out because of me. We started to get real close and wanted a relationship. I was extremely happy but then she found one of his old notes and that's when things went down hill. Now I'm stuck here watching her attempt to fix her old relationship with her ex. I want her back, I've never felt anything like this for someone like her. I know it may seem too soon for feelings like that to come early but when you find the one you want, you can't help but feel these feelings. I just don't know what to do. She doesn't want to give me false hope but knowing that it may not work between her and the ex, is really what keeps me fighting for her. I just don't know how long this will take. They already had a fight and it was about me. And she doesn't want to completely leave me since I mean so much to her. She doesn't want me to be a second choice if she still has these feelings for her ex. Please help. I don't know what to do anymore


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  • If you don't mind being settled for then you should fight. Personally I would advise you to walk away from this romantically. You can still help her move away from what it seems a toxic ex boyfriend. You could do it as a friend or as a publice service. Whatever you do you sound like a good person so don't put yourself in a position to be disappointed

  • So...she left you for an a**hole. You were everything she ever wanted, yet she left you because of her immature need for 90210 drama.

    You know what I say? I say f*** her, hand her all of her emotional baggage, open the front door, and let herself out of your life. Find a woman who knows what they want in their life and knows what's good for them.

    She is beneath you my friend.


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