Ok so far so good with an almost forming relationship continued from last post

Ok I'm giving her time still yesterday we spend all day till 7 am together and kept playing with my hair and stuff. She obviously still hurt from her last ex of 3 years and its only been 3 months since the break up. She likes me a lot and her family does too but when I'm around her it doesn't seem like she's hurt from her past like she says she is ? How come? me and her have been talking for one month already we had sex and everything she said she felt comfortable with me and see us going places but she just needs time cause of her last ex that cheated on her and stuff.How come when I'm with her she doesn't seem so hurt?
Shes not that type of girl by the way she told me that if she didn't really like me she would of def stopped talking with me awhile ago.


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  • Dude..you shouldn't be having all this serious talk with her now! You're ruining your long term chances. You should be keeping everything light and funny. The excuse that she's still hurt from her ex is BS! You're turning into her shrink, or one of her other gf's. This is not where you should be. If she was really into you...everything about the ex would disappear...and she' would be happy, and all smiles because you're in her life now..

    You kill me man. You're giving her time? HA! In the next sentence you say "we spend all day till 7am together".


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