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a friend/someone you were interested in after almost a year of not seeing them? I am going to see the guy I have had a thing for in a couple weeks. Last time I saw him was last September before he was deployed for the army. I've kept in contact with him basically all year via fb and letters. In one of the letters I told him to bring me back a souvenir like a rock or something. I talked to him yesterday and he said he wants to see me so he can give me the rock haha. I'm not sure what to expect after not seeing him for a year. I somewhat told him I liked him before he left but it was never mentioned while he was gone. Some of his friends made couple jokes about us being together over the summer but tht could go a few diff ways. Anyways have any of you had a friend come back from the army? How were they when they just got back?


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  • omg that sounds awesome, I see YouTube videos like that and my heart breaks <3

    • Haha the videos that you just start out watching one and end up watching almost hrs of them :)

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