Do you think he took this to heart?

My ex dumped me and he was really really rude to me afterward. I ignored him and got mixed up with some not-so-great people that I met at clubs and stuff, and one time they stole my phone and texted him some really mean things, about how he's skinny and he's ugly.

After the break up he told his friends he thought I was a psycho and all that, and we didn't end on good terms, but I can't help but feel guilty about what they texted him. He acts tough but I know he's sort of insecure about how he's not as built as other guys.

It's been four monthssince the break up, we haven't talked since and the guilt has only really hit me now. Do you think I should talk to him about it? Do you think he just brushed it off? Do guys care about stuff like that?


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  • No. This guilt is your burden, not his, and has nothing to do with him; it has been 120 days of healing from you, no matter what you did, so really a few words at the end aren't going to be the crippling point in the situation. You, making yourself feel better, is not what he is for; he has a much greater "purpose", whatever it may be, than being the final alleviation of your guilt. I could see it if you regretted anything else, but you don't sound like you do, so you're just awakening a Dragon in a foreign land so you can sleep a little better.

    • I'm honestly not thinking about myself, I'm genuinely concerned that the words got to him and I feel like I should reassure him that I never saw him like that. I know he had really strong feelings for me and I... yeah. So I should just leave it? He'll be okay?

    • If you're thinking of him then you know that you would be the worst source of reassurance. Leave it be. No one wants word of encouragement from someone who they could see telling them to cheer up out of pity.

    • Okay. Thanks a lot :-)

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