What should I do about him?

My best guy friend and I were together late Thursday night into Friday morning just talking and relaxing like we usually do. It was a chilly night so I brought over a blanket that we could share. He put his arm around me so we could be more comfortable in the way we were sitting and then I had moved closer into him so I was basically laying half on his lap. We were sitting like that making weird noises at each other and my lips were touching what I thought were his cheek/nose but they were actually his lips and he knew his lips were touching mine. Then I moved a little bit to get more comfortable and we just stared at each other until I closed my eyes (because being that close and starting is kinda weird) and the next thing I knew he was kissing me and we continued to kiss for awhile after that. Until I realized what we were doing...because he has a girlfriend. We've already talked about the situation but I'm still a little anxious about it. What the hell should I do?


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  • I would keep my distance for awhile. It's up to him to decide what he wants to do, as he is the one who is in a relationship.


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