What do you think about what happened today with my ex?

Me and my ex met up today so I can get my camera he said he may give me another chance in the future and he said he will always love me and I told him that I miss him and he said the same thing. We made out and I don't know why he asked to make out with me? He also told me he will talk to me when he's ready. When we left he gave me a hug and sad take I care of myself and stay beatitful. Do you think he still cares about me? Do you think we may get back together in the future?


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  • I can only say that he sounds pretty arrogant with that business of 'give you another chance.'

    What about you giving him another chance?

    I'm guessing here since I don't know what caused the break-up. But he sounds as if he has a lot of options with girls, and you're only one of them. Sure he has afffection for you..but not only for you! Do you want a guy who considers you one of many options?

    Sorry if this sort of rains on your parade!


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  • I guess it depends on why you broke up in the first place. If you hurt him, he may not be ready to give you another chance and open himself up to being hurt again. If not, maybe he isn't ready for a relationship right now. Sometimes the single life just works better for the moment. If you have a chance, can you please give me some insight on my question. Dying waiting for advice and have got nothing


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  • This made me augh I don't know why. He Sked you to makeout and you went ahead and did it, lol?

    • I would say you boyfriend does indeed care for you unless he only made out with you to lead it to sex and then a goodbye. But it seems to me he really care... but I wouldn't personally make out with him, if he's an ex. Is better to know you guys are getting back together like that there is no misleading feelings. Why did you break up with him?

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