Size and long term relationships versus past experience...

Ladies, if you have had an ex or lover that was very well endowed and he ended your relationship, breaking your heart, would this affect your views of how much size matters when finding a future partner? Let's assume their was great sexual chemistry between you and your ex, would you consider cheating with your him?


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  • Women are waaaay more size centric than men and women cheat more than men, so I wouldn't rule out her cheating.

    It's been my experience that women fairly often phrase their answers based on how they want to be treated, but they often don't treat other people that way.

    So, if you or anyone else doesn't want a women who dwells on her exes size, date a woman with less vaginal capacity. Women don't like to hear this, but if all women really were the same size vaginally then all women would prefer exactly the same size penis in length and girth.


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