When guys offer to help you move

i am so confused with guys...two I see sometimes, they give me inconsistent messages. so I don't know how they feel about me.

i am moving soon, they both offer to help..for one, I don't feel all that comfortable since they are not my boyfriend yet.

one I have been intimate with. the other not yet...

so when a guy offers to help me move, are they serious about you?


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  • How about starting with you.

    Who would you rather be with?

    Playing is easy when men around you're age are desperate...

    No offense... I only date older woman.

    • awweeee...I would like to be with you :)

      I am not playing...i would love to be with just one. Now, I don't have anyone. They are confusing me with their offer. I feel like they are playing games with me.

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