Why is my ex boyfriend staring at me?

So we've been broken up for like 8 months but we kept in contact during the summer. Whenever I'm around him he'll always stare at me and when I look at him he just keeps staring and kind of smiles like he did when we first started dating. Like it feels weird because the stare feels intimate but he broke up with me... When he sits next to me he like stares intently at me like so much that I go to the bathroom and see if there's something on my face. The weird thing is, is that when were around friends like he'll make fun of things I do like eating too slowly or crap like that, more of in a mean way. Then he'll just freaking stare and look kind of sad. When he comes up and talks to me when I'm by myself he will be really nice. He always posts pictures of different pretty girls on his instagram so obnoxiously that I had to unfollow him earlier on. Its been eight months so I don't get why he's staring at me so much.


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  • He's staring at you because he is realizing what he's missing. But, you're too good for him. If you can't man up and apologize to you and tell you that he misses you then he definitely isn't worth it, especially if he feels the need to constantly post pictures of girls. He does miss you though so take the confidence in knowing that and go find someone better!:)


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