Why a guy won't touch me or initiate sexual contact

I meta guy weeks ago and its odd because he won't touch or initiate contact with me, despite the fact that he claims he's into me and severely turned on. the odd thing is that though we have already done a few sexual things (oral) when he comes to my place "to get something sexual really" he will not intiate anything and seems to either be playing games or it gets really weird. even the first time we did anything, it's as If he wanted me to 420 first and I had to initiate contact with him. It's like he's waiting for me to iniitate contact always and never makes the first move. The weird thing is..i am super beautiful, hot sexy gorgeous...he is big fat ugly and keeps saying he's surprised I'm hanging out with him. He calls me gorgeous and stunningly beautiful but comes over and never initiates contact and its so awkward. I've had this happen before with guys...and one guy even said "if I'm not making a move its because imt rying to respect you" though I told THAT guy that I'm OK with him making a move. Now this big fat guy...its really odd...we've already done sexual things..and he comes over and will NOT touch me...

im a petite gorgeous hot woman...like bombshell pretty and he keeps calling me 'cute' too...I don't get why a big burly weird guy...is SO turned on by me but will not make a move on me. Then it turns into a game of me getting upset with him and us getting into a fight over this. then he gives weird reasons trying to pin the blame on me though before he left he said "well I wanted to pull your britches down but I let it get to my head." I don't know what he meant by that.but can anyone clarify why some guy will not want to massage get with a hot beautiful girl who he is super turned on by and is waiting for ME to always ask him to do things to me. I even almost play a little submissive role like...he's big tall kind of huge and I'm this hot young sexy girl...and he has CARTE BLANCHE to do things to me...but will not do them. Today I called him to confront him and he even said "im sure it's me" and gave a ton of weird excuses that made no sense- in the end it's like he wanted to win the conversation or put me down. Can anyone explain this bizarre scenario? I am the type like shakira, Jessica alba, Natalie portman I can't describe it...im petite, beautiful, hot sexy...exotic looking...with a big/ugly guy...who won't lay a hand on me and just wants to mentally dominate me I assume? its almost as if he wanted to kill any sexual feelings I had...THEN he made a move on me a little once he killed all my feelings...then I refused because I said three hours later you make a move on me? this isn't about me making a move on him because...every single time I've had to ASK him to do something or initiate...my initial thoughts are...im gorgeous...hes around me..why doesn't he want to grab me and be with me? he'll also only do things with me if I'm drunk or high? like "oh you wanna smoke"? THEN I still have to initiate contact because I get so fed up
.this guy has said you're so nice and positive...I don't get why people would be mean to you...and he comes over basically TO USE ME FOR SEX? what I don't get...he will come over with the hopes of getting something though he has already gotten it. we haven't had actual sex but other things. however...he will sit there for hours all turned on...staring at me weird...im thinking...HUH? we've already done things...? is he just trying to stroke his ego by sexually frustrating me and making ME ask?


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  • number one do you have a pic?

    number two if he is so blah looking then why are you with them if you can get hotter guys? And don't seem to like his personality.

    And if your as hot as you say you are then he's probably just shocked or inexperienced.


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