Having a hard time getting over my ex and the things she did to me after the breakup...

I still love this girl a lot but I don't think I could get over the things she did to me after our breakup such as keeping my son from me which she is doing even to this point and that's not even the tip of the iceberg. I've tried going out with other people but I'm just not ready for all that yet especially with all the court stuff going on with the ex still. We had court the other day and I couldn't even look at her hardly Because it hurts so much. I know I made a few mistakes during our relationship but it's almost as if she is trying to torture me for it failing when it deff wasn't all my fault. She is very vengeful to say the least and I'm not quite sure why because I would never try and put someone I once cared about through the things she has...


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  • Sorry to hear about your situation. it's really hard getting over an ex especially if you have a child with her but everything takes time. Go through the moving on process, it may not be that fast but at least start with it now. One of the stages I remember is acceptance of your situation and would result to I think forgiving. Until you reach that stage and completed the moving on process, do not be in a relationship because it would just be unfair to the other person to be involved with your problem - spare others at least.

    Try also to seek consultation with people who are experts in that kind of situation or seek spiritual healing / marriage consultation - it would surely help.


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  • I'm really sorry to hear that your love has ended that way.

    It's okay if you're not ready to go out with another woman, these things take time. I think posting about this was already a good first step, but maybe you should also talk about it with your friends so that you can move on.

    On days that are really hard, just try to distract yourself with some of your hobbies or hang out with people you like.


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  • sorry you've been in a horrible situation like this, but it's normal to feel overwhelmed with getting over a break-up for some time. I would see a counselor for help if I were you.


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