Best way to keep interest here?

I came back into contact with an old friend of mine from waaay back when, we've been talking for almost a year now again and we've become really close. He wants to visit soon and we really want to be together whenever we could make it work.

He definitely seems serious about this like I do for now, and we have lots of fun with the technology available and such ;)

But what can I do to remain in his mind and always let him know that I'm as serious as he is. I feel like I'm bad at it


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  • Ask to see him in person not just via Skype or whatever. Also, YOU start the conversations don't count on him to do it. I'm not saying you do or dont, but girls in general never start conversations and its annoying as you know what

    • Yes, all that I definitely do :) it's just more the affectionate part I suppose

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