DId I do the right thing??

ME and my now ex boyfriend got into a fight he kept yelling and I have told him over and over I'm done fighting.. I told him to leave and he refused I told him if he didn't leave I was calling the cops and after 20 minutes of doing so I did just that I called the cops, I walked outside and called the cops. by the time the cops got here he stole my keys(I didn't know this until later) and was gone when the cops got here, I go back in lock the door and he just opens the door with my key and starts trying to fight again, I go off because he stole my keys manage to get them and then tell him he has to leave and he refuses again so I call the cops again, and explain to them what happend with my keys. well now he is gone and hasn't come back but I'm setting here cring wondering if I done the right thing


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  • Um. Yes, I personally think you did the right thing. Now I think you might want to up the security because the guy sounds obsessive, which maaaaay or may not be a hazard.

    • he keeps coming back and he did twice after the first time I called the cops but the second time I called them he ran off so I looked stupid. now he is back and just wants to do the I'm sorry sh*t but when I start to give in then he f***s up again. I don't know what to do.. I'm just tired of fighting

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