Ex boyfriend confusing me, he is seeing someone else but acts like he likes me?

We was together for one year and 2 months. We're 20 btw.

I broke up with him because we was arguing all the time.

We had a very bad argument. I told him to never speak to me again.

We have been broke up 3 months and he's only been seeing her a few weeks.

He went to Zante, so I kissed a boy up town.

Now Iv found out he's seeing someone else.

He stares at me constantly like for hours.

His mate called me over when my ex was there. The other night, a different mate called me over

and said 'You alright love? Wanna come talk to us?' referring to my ex boyfriend.

He had loads of photos in Zante looking miserable.

He pasted a love song before he started seeing her on his Facebook about wanting a girl to call him and get back together.

He smiles and stares at me constantly. All his friends point at me.

His friends are trying to speak to me.

He smiled at me when I was in a bus. He beeped his horn at me in his car 3 times.

His friends follow me every weekend when I go out making sure that I don't try meet anyone. He went to my sister 'she got with a guy a week ago' so I know they stalk me and report back to him about what I'm doing. His friends also point at me when I'm there and they told me to come over and called my name two different times, as though they was trying to get us to speak.

My sister told him I still like him and he says he still likes me but he's pissed off I kissed someone. He said he will only sort it when I admit I'm in the wrong.

Also last weekend, I walked to the bar, he followed me to the bar. I tapped his shoulder and then ran. Then I tickled him and blamed it on my friend. So, its like we're still flirting with each other.

He was dancing with another girl that wasn't the girl he was seeing, and I danced with a boy. He stared at me and looked very hurt and immediately stopped dancing with the girl. He looks distraught when I even talk to boys.

I don't know what to do. I still love him :(

Should I tell him how I feel?

Should I flirt with him and talk to him and try steal him back that way?

I don't know what to do because all this staring at me and flirting with me all the time is stopping me from moving on, which I find very hard to do anyway.

Should I start seeing someone?

Advice please, I love him so much :( Advice on trying to get him back?

Also the girls he is seeing says she's single, so that's even more confusing.

But I don't understand why he's like "I will only sort it with her when she admits she's in the wrong."

How can he? If he is seeing someone :S


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  • He's us clearly trying to make you jealous with other girls but you can totally tell he still likes you you need to talk to him and tell him does he still have feeling for you or does he want you to move on but it's clear that he is just trying to get your attention to come back but he's playing hard to get

  • 1 rule for him and another for you basically, its OK for him to do it because he knows he still likes you but he hates you doing it because it means you could be moving on.


    hes just pretending to be with someone else to make you jealous and you actually kissed someone else so he feels you're in the wrong even though you didn't know he was only faking seeing another girl

    tell him how you feel, don't steal him back as you wouldn't like that done to you if you had a new boyfriend and his ex was trying to do that to you. it depends on your argument (what it was about, was it so bad that you needed to say never speak to me again) on whether you should move on or stay and tell him


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