Why wouldn't she go out for drinks with me?

I dated this girl for about two months this Spring. It was going good, but then I moved to another state for my job. She happened to be moving to the same area as me for school, but she didn't move until about three months after me. When I first moved out here I met this other girl and we went out a few times. The girl back home saw it on Facebook, and she freaked out. I had told her that we weren't exclusive, though, so it's not like I was cheating. She ended things and we haven't talked in about two months. I know that she's living in my area now, and so I sent her a text and asking if she wanted to get a drink sometime. She replied "I'm kind of dating someone, so its prob not a good idea." I didn't ask her out on a date or anything, so I don't understand why she won't go?


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  • Because she want interested


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