Why would my ex want to sleep in my bed with me?

So long story short my ex who I dated for 2 years and broke up with a year ago crashed at my house the other night. We're still friends and hangout all the time so this wasn't out of the blue and it wasn't the first time for this to happen since we broke up. Months ago when I tried winning her back she expressed she didn't want to get back together and she has no real interest in dating anyone at all. Well lately she's been telling me about how lonely she is, about how she hasn't had sex in months, how she has no interest in any of these random guys she meets because she they don't know her. "I want someone who knows me" she said.

Well as I said before, this isn't the first time for this to happen, but she crashed at my house the other night and slept in my bed. In other instances where this happened I was fine with it and slept in my bed too. Nothing happened, no sex, spooning, or even cuddling :_( but that's fine. Well the other night when she slept over I let her have the whole bed to herself and instead slept on my couch. She asked me a couple times that night and the next morning about why I didn't want to sleep in the bed with her. My question, however, is if we're broken up, and she's expressed not wanting to get back together, why would she want to sleep in my bed with me?


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  • She wants things to just happen naturally. No talking about it. Just do it. She still likes you man, know matter what she tells you. Women are weird that way!

  • I think she wants to know that you still desire her, even though she doesn't desire you. So she is trying to keep you dangling on a string, in order to try and keep you from losing interest in her. The fact you didn't want to sleep next to her made her think you are losing interest in her. She is playing mind games with you, and now she feels like she is losing that game.


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