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So me and my boyfriend were together for one year and 2 months but we had a nasty break up due to me having a problem with a girl and he keeps getting his parents involved and them calling me.. he never understood.. that it was his mistake too.. because I hung on to him for so long no matter what he did.. but he let go so easily under parental influence..

We are both around 16 years of age. Whenever I see his photo.. I can't help but feel terribly hurt that he ignores me and just forgot about everything we had in a day.. It has been four months now.. It hurts bad to see what he has truly turned out with his family assuring him I am a bitch.. and I cannot help but cry.. What do I do..


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  • He has the octopus type of parents that have a high influence over there child's life including his or her love life.

    Try to forget about him since he is under his parents influence and until he's independent he's not going to notice this. Besides a real man can make his own decisions without relying on his parents on it, sure receiving advice from ones parents is OK and most of the time helpful.


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