My ex saudi boyfriend and I broke up because I thought he cheated on me

i didn't give him a chance to give me an explanation and kicked him out of my place. he says he won't forgive me that I kicked him out and that this is worse than me cheating on him. I know I hurt his pride but I regret what I did and don't know what to do to get him back. any advice?


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  • Pride is a very big deal in such cultures. Bear that in mind if you want him back because it could come back to haunt you later. Since he was more upset that you threw him out than that you falsely accused him of cheating on you, he doesn’t think that you have the right to throw him out if you did catch him cheating on you. In most Muslim countries, women cannot divorce their husbands because they cheat unless they can find three male witnesses to that cheating who are willing to testify against them. Thus, cheating is rampant there. I assume that you still feel justified in throwing him out if you caught in cheating? Then you need to work out whose rules the two of you would live by, his or yours. There is that chance that neither of you is willing to live by the other’s rules.

    • you are right. I'm willing to work it out though. so maybe we if we can sit and work out rules..idk..the good thing is that he doesn't want to live back home. he wants to stay here in the us.. e says me kicking him out is the same as cheating on him.. I don't understand that..but hopefully we can work it out..hope he forgives me..i think we can have a very happy live together :)

    • I hope it works out for you. Good luck!

  • He probably cheated and is using this excuse to mess with u that's what men do


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