Ex husband and ex wife still doing drama? Divorced or NOT!! 10 points?

My potential mate has an ex wife. After 5 and a half years, they divorced. They have a 5 year old daughter. They had a sham of a marriage. Husband constantly cheated since he was dating his ex wife but she had no issues and married him and just partied with her friends. The ex hubby is a VIP, very wealthy and famous and good looking.

He likes me and he wants me to be his girlfriend but I have a few issues with his ex wife.

While she was married to him, sought attention from her ex husband's teenage admirers on twitter and instagram by leaking photos of herself at bars and pictures of their daughter.

She became very well known on the internet among her ex husband's fans by launching fake makeup companies of fashion at her home city and by publicizing them on twitter.

While being married, she never talked about her ex husband on twitter or Facebook.

But after her separation and divorce, she has taken another turn. Earlier her Facebook used to be private but after divorce, she has started making all her profile pictures public.

She also publicly told her friends two weeks ago that she's going to CA, where she's going with her daughter and ex husband.

She also follows her own fanpages on Facebook and twitter.

Also whenever she comes to her attend her ex husband's public shows, she sits in a place where the camera catches her easily and her ex husband's fans spot her,

and immediately after the show gets over, she logins on her twitter and starts replying to the ex husband's fans, saying how she's proud of him and posting his pics saying how their daughter is proud to see him.

She went to Disneyland with him and their daughter but at times,her ex husband was seen alone.

She also made him wear her self made mens bracelets to a party only when there are lots of cameras around. Otherwise he never wears it on every day basis.

I guess its for people to notice those off as she wasn't able to sell those stuff at all and she made way too many of them

And she also attended his public show and just 45 min later after the show was over, she logged in on twitter and said she's so proud of him to a fan.

She was the first person to unfollow him on instagram as well. But she acts so 'nice' on twitter.

Her ex husband is a bit obsessed with public image too. He had a reputation of a happily married man. He secretly got divorced and nobody got the wind of their separation and divorce till June, as he kept lying about being happily married. Some guessed it because they took off their wedding rings though.

Since he's divorce became public, he likes to show people he's still on good terms with his ex wife by bringing her to his shows.

Also this Disneyland trip also happened after his divorce became public.

Otherwise he had many weekends off and he never brought them. But that's it because he doesn't hang out with her much.

Why is she doing this? Isn't this person an attention seeker?

Some people say what kind of divorce is this?


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  • This is very hard to understand, but steer clear of anyone with this type of relationship. You don't want this woman after you.


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