What should my next move be?

Ok, so this girl and I have been talking for a while, over FB. My phone is broke so I haven't been able to text/call her. She gave me her number without me asking. We went to high school together, but chilled with different people. Most everything we talk about is just surface talk, if you know what I mean.

I'd like to dive deeper. I should also say that she canceled our coffee date, for a very real reason(she rode with a friend to class and was stuck) I seen her the next day at a friend's house and she ran through the whole story again. We have been joking around with each other, sharing pick up lines. I poked fun at her last night, because we were talking, and she said her tone was lost over the internet, I said well face to face conversion is much better, but someone doesn't like coffee. She said she does want to get coffee.

I left it at that for now. I have trying to hint that I like, calling her a double threat, stuff like that. anyway, like I said I want to dive deeper into conversions. I was thinking about asking her about her last relationship because she said she was with the guy for 5 years, I don't know how long ago they split or anything, but I have also heard it isn't smart to bring up past relationships. She knows I was engaged before.

So should I try to get into that topic? or leave it alone? I would like to know how long ago they split, I don't want to move into something where they just split up, you know?

I'd like to move from the "friendly" talking stage into something more, not a relationship yet, but a little deeper, you know?


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  • Don't go into anything like that yet...way too deep for just starting to talk to her.

    She told you that she does want to get coffee but you didn't pick up her hint and ask her out again. Take her out on a date, and slowly get to know her. She's obviously interested.

    • I picked up on her hint, I decided not to ask her yet because I work the rest of this week, and I have finals lol. I knew what she was doing

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