What should I do please help?

helpWe met up Saturday so I can get my camera he said he may give me another chance in the future and he said he will always love me and I told him that I miss him and he said the same thing. We made out and I don't know why he asked to make out with me? He also told me he will talk to me when he's ready. When we left he gave me a hug and said take care of myself and stay beatitful. Do you think he still cares about me? Do you think we may get back together in the future? Why would he kiss me? What do you think he might decide? Now that he forgave me what can it mean for us? Do you think he may give me another chance?


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  • Did he really forgive you, or was he just being nice? What did you do to need being 'forgiven?'

    he sounds kind of arrogant to me..not taking any responsibility himself for the break-up, as if it were all your fault, and you don't need to forgive him as well!

    I'd really think through if you WANT to spend more time with him, or if you'd rather explore the rest of the big world while you're still young!


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  • He is a good liar and he uses you or he likes you has troubles and doesn't want you to get involved. Anyways be patient and give it some time to see the overall picture and what he is gonna next. If this coming by kissing thing happens multiple times he uses you if he is really taking his time not being around other girls either he is true. Good luck

  • I know he cares about you. I doubt you will get back together in the future. He kissed you due to his emotional passion. He will decide against himself more than likely. I don't know what he forgave you of so ... -shrug. You may get another chance but I doubt the stint will last long thus not seeing you really get back together in the future.


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