My ex acts like a complete douche

We had a very nasty break up because I was possessive and he kept getting involving his parents and listened to them and stopped broke up with me and blames everything on me when I took all his family involvements including his cousins and mother calling me up and questioning me when we fight and he also got very physical but I stuck on Because I loved him.

I tried begging for forgiveness but he said I deserved it all. He does not even bother to talk or be nice now.. always flirting and bitching about me after our relationship for more than a year.. I feel horrible he will never realize it was his fault too.. I'm 16.. what do I do?


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  • You stop all contact with him. You are 16. You will have more boyfriends in your dating career. Realize the issues you had that caused your possessiveness, and try to fix them.

  • Are you required to see him?

    • Well we are in the same class

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    • No he just ignores me.. does not say anything.. after every thing we had.. it hurts he did this to me.. I ended up smoking for a while.. he asked me to have sex with him and did a lot of other stuff and he just left me like this because of his parents.. I feel so hurt.. I know I was possessive but I never let him go when 3 times I had all the rights to and even he said he understands if I do because what he did was pretty bad.. I feel horrible and can't move on easily because he does not realise

    • That works in your favor. You're not going to get closure from him and you will have to find another means or live it out.

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