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I am going through a divorce right now. We never talks for weeks or a month on end unless its what the lawyers tell me and I pass on to her. I am deployed right now in a combat zone and I have tried to stop thinking about her. But as the divorce process get closer to being done, she is getting served with the papers in a few days, I want more and more to get back with her. I want to be happy with her and hold her again. All the bad things I am rethinking now and I just want to be happy with her. I feel like the issues we had were not really that big and although I probably won't stop the process I know I want to give it another chance I still am in love with her. What can I do to push these feelings away?


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  • Wow, being in a combat zone doesn't give you something else to think about? On the other hand, I can understand how turning towards pleasant memories can be comforting in your position. For some people, distance does make the heart grow fonder. I suggest that you stop focusing on the good memories and remember the reason/s why you're getting a divorce in the first place. You're still extremely young (if your age bracket is correct), you've got plenty of time to find someone better.


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  • First of all, thank you for your military service. Second, who first brought up divorce? Who filed?

    • i brought it up and filed

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    • So what I meant was yes I have feelings like I want to try again and she is willing but the issues we did have were terrible and it was because of her past why we had the issues. I just don't want to waste the time for it to fail again.

    • So this past issues of hers...I take it, you were aware of them before you married her? I agree, if these issues were bad enough that you didn't want to stay married, its probably best you don't try again. Without knowing the issue, I don't know if you were right or wrong for ending the marriage, or if its worth going back. On the other hand...if the issue was so terrible, it's interesting that you would even think of getting back together.

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