How could I not see he was using me this whole time?

I moved in with my boyfriend. He taught me everything and I was going half with him on the bills. I even bought him jewelry and clothes. He let me drive his car on days I was off work, and he even taught me how to drive. I couldn't get along with my mom so I moved in with him. this whole relationship of 12 months was fake. On Facebook he refused to put me on his page so his other family members can meet me and know who I am. Now that we are done, he went back to his ex girlfriend, whom he left me for. He's now getting ready to marry her. He didn't even interact with me on Facebook like we was even together. I had to ask him to interact with me.


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  • Wow - that's a surprise. The worst "taking a break" story I've ever heard.

    That said, this story would be more common IF you left out something like - you pushed some button that sent him into outer space, e.g.

    you promised to be on the pill but was found out NOT doing it

    you two didn't hit it off, perhaps sexually, financially, etc.

    he got tired of being the crutch or feeling the helper out of jambs?


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  • Sorry to hear about that...but you had to have had some warning signs. Learn how to read them earlier before you go moving in.

    • I agree with you

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    • Nope, if you are dating a guy but not part of his life (around his friends and family) he is not into you.

    • I was around them but only family in our city

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  • Am sorry :( that's heart breaking, but let this

    Teach you a lesson, he seem like type that can't seem

    To make up his mind, and doesn't know what he wants.

    I won't be surprised if they end up breaking up in couple of month

    If not weeks

    • They been together for almost 6 years. He said he felt guilty the whole time

  • ohhh .. I'm really sorry . don't be sad cz it's his loss . he's an a**hole . you should've known that he is using you the minute he refused to show the world that your his girlfriend . anyway , be careful next time . I'm sure there are better guys that you deserve out there .

    • I was the one putting pictures of us on my Facebook page, he didn't like no picture of us. He even would not upload a picture to his page. Even when we was in public people said we looked cute. They knew he was using me. He still missed his ex all along. He even let me drive his car..

    • We had a relationship status up. Everytime I upload picture of us people refuse to like it...just as if they know something I don't .

    • you know you have really bad friends that you might want to consider not talking to . they just knew it the whole time and not even mentioned to you .

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