He's moving across the country. Should I go with him?

My boyfriend of nearly two years is moving across the country for work in January. I finish up with college in May. I don't know how to approach him about me joining him out there when I finish up with school. Should I wait for him to ask? Should I hint to him? Someday I want to marry this man and this would definitely be a step in the right direction. However, I don't want to follow him all over the country without knowing about our future. How do I bring all this up to him and when should I do it? All I know is I want to be with him for the rest of my life.


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  • talk about the future first, are you two thinking of the same future? together? if you are, its alright if you want to follow him, people won't suggest it, but ultimately its your life and your relationship, its your decision. if he is leaving soon, I think you two should talk about the serious things like this, after all its been 2 whole years right, such a long time, I would expect this topic to already have been covered. its not about who should bring it up, its about whether you want this relationship to go in the direction you hope for. Just get together, and have a heart to heart talk about this, its OK to be direct, guys don't understand indirect talk, all the best! hope it goes well.


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