Ex is contacting me, which sets me back.

So my ex girlfriend has decided she wants to talk every now and again. We had a long relationship, almost 3 years, but have been broken up for about 3 weeks now. She still will text me every once in a while and last night I actually talked to her on the phone (bad idea). We ended up talking for over 2 hours and I admitted I had been on dates and she informed me she had started having sex with a new guy. Yet she tells me she misses me and loves me. I think at this point she just wants me in her back pocket for times when she gets sad or depressed or needs to hear a friendly voice. Am I wrong? every time I talk with her all the feelings come back and it sets me back, I can't have that I want to get better.


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  • It's only been three weeks? Wow, if she's seeing some other dude tell her to leave you the f**k alone. You have to heal and I'm afraid to say, If you loved her it's going to take months for that to happen...that's if she leaves you alone. Tell her to get lost!

  • Sounds like BS head games man. You need to try a bit harder to cut ties from her or it'll be hard for you to move on.


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