Can't wait forever... is there a chance he's interested?

I believe a guy who likes a girl will make it so obvious she doesn't need to be on here asking, so I had given up on this guy. But the last time I saw him, we hung out together all day with mutual friends and he did the following:

- Got moody when I wouldn't look at him (this is because I really like him and looking at him with expectation does me no good) so I went and talked one-on-one with another guy who I'm really comfortable with, and we were standing close together, etc. And he hung around watching us but didn't join the conversation. He wouldn't even crack a smile at any point. Someone even said "whats wrong with him? He seems so down. He was fine this morning." So being around us changed his mood significantly. He only perked up when the guy left.

- I apparently had a bit of flower petal in my hair and he made a point of it when no one else did. Do guys really notice that stuff? He does this to me often. I said to him, "so?"

- He called my ex an idiot though he's never met him.

- To test the waters, when we were walking together side by side, I walked close enough for our arms to rub against each other and he didn't back away.. it kept happening.

I don't want to analyse every little thing, like I've typed above, I want to move on and stop thinking about him if he's not being forward enough because its frustrating. He even does the annoying look away lightning fast thing if I see him looking at me when we're friends. I don't get it.

I don't know how guys act when they are on the shyer side because I've always had guys be straight up (touching me, etc) so is any of this showing interest?


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  • How long has this being going on?

    • 3 months

    • Ok, well it seems like he's like me a bit; shy and maybe a bit insecure due to past disasters so you could either keep doing what you're doing and getting nowhere or you could just ask him what the story is? I would say he is definitely showing interest if he notices the smaller things about you and hates your ex even though he hasn't met him. You said you were testing the waters? You obviously like him if youve come on here so just tell him already! Besta luck!

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  • why don't YOU do something. why is it yo wait forever or walk away. stop being a coward, grow some guts and make a move.

    how is sitting around being neurotic better than just doing something to remind yourself you're a human being not a sack of potatoes waiting to be picked up and brought home.

  • It seems like he is at least attracted to you. He probably likes you but he might be insecure. I think you'd have to be the one to make the first move here.


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