How do you miss your ex so much but you end up sleeping with someone else?

You and your ex break up for about a month and your ex tells you that he/she still loves you, you are all I can think about, and everyday I miss you more and more. In the process of getting back together, your ex tells you they have slept with someone else. How do you have time to think or even consider sleeping with someone else when you tell your ex that you are all I think about. I get we are not together but if I"m all you are thinking about, then how are you finding the time to sleep with someone else?


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  • I'm sorry that this happening,but here is a lesson to learn for the rest of your natural life.ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.You and I both know,his actions are not in alignment with what he is SAYING.If he is so in "love" with you,he wouldn't have slept with someone else.Either he has no clue what LOVE is,or he is just outright lying to you for some reason.As for you,I wouldn't bother to take this guy back.His behavior sounds pretty damn hurtful.But ultimately,its YOUR decision.I personally think you deserve better,but you have to know that for yourself.


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