Is this guy trying to see if I like him?

I went out to lunch with my guy friend from work since it was my last day at work and we were talking and he said he didn't have a certain type as long as the girl is nice he's good. He also said that no one is perfect. And the day before that he told me he was over his ex girlfriend.


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  • i don't think so, he is just telling you as a friend but more info would help


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, how did the conversation come about exactly?

    • Well we were just talking about having a favorite song and that it's hard to choose from so many great options and then he mentioned that he doesn't have a type when it comes to girls as long as they are nice. So that part was random that he brought up not having a type. And before that we were talking about his love for beer and he said well there's one thing that may come before beer and that is girls,

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