Bf often breaks plans with me and never wants to do fun things with me.

Just wondering if this is something I should worry about or should I just find others to hang with instead.

My boyfriend breaks plans with me a lot. Not a weekly thing but we don't have plans weekly since we live together.

I am also bothered by the fact that when I suggest we do something fun like snowboarding or camping he never wants to go but when his friends suggest it he wants to borrow my equipment and go without me.

Should I break up with him or just find fun people to do this stuff with. None of my friends are into this kind of thing. I did just join a couple clubs so I can go hiking and biking with other people and make some new friends who do these things that I enjoy.


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  • Well... I think it depends on your expectations of this relationship. Have you thought about all he wants is having sex with you? Because if it seems like he doesn't want to have fun with you but he does all those things with his friends instead...

    Anyway, I think the best thing you can do, is telling him and talking to him about it.

    • Believe me I can spot a guy who just wants sex a mile away. I know he loves and cares about me and wants a future with because of his other actions. This is why this particular behavior confuses me. I also know that talking to him is pointless because no matter how plainly, simply and bluntly I word it, he thinks it means something else.

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  • All of this, is something you should talk to him about, perhaps he's doing it with out realizing what he is really doing?

    If not, if he really doesn't want to spend time with you and if his excuse is that you guys live together...then I don't ..well personally I wouldn't want to be with such a person :/

    I have a fiance (been together for 7 years) and we always make sure we spend time together with and without friends, we camp, we travel or just go out for walks together, we play video games and watch movies... he loves spending time with me, we love spending time together.

    If you're always feeling ignored, then that's not really good for the relationship, and if he rather likes to take trips with his friends rather than you, then you know that you're not a priority on his list of important things:(

    Talk to him about this and hopefully you guys can fix this together!

    Wish you best of luck!

    • I know he does not realize he is doing it, he is daft when it comes to these things. My problem with talking to him is that no matter how simply and bluntly he does not get it. I know this from experience. He spends plenty of time with me but he never wants to do any of the fun things with me. Then he gets disappointed when I do them with someone else, like I should have invited him. It bugs me that he seems to have a double standard.

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    • Well done girl :D Best of luck!

    • Thanks and thanks for your advice.

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