Is it because he has a girlfriend?

My ex-classmate and I knew each other for months but I never spoke with him (not social I am). We started getting closer because we trusted each other more (I gave him a chance) and we had a lot in common (emotionally/mentally). So we were somewhat friends/acquittances at this point. On the last day I asked to stay in touch with him and he said he would still be around campus. Puzzled, he told me his "hectic" schedule etc etc. It didn't sound like he was rejecting me. So I said "do you still want to keep in touch?" (stupid of me, IK) and he said sure and got my info. Later on one of his classmates told me that he has a girlfriend because on his last day of class he told her he couldn't get her number because his girlfriend wouldn't like it. Before she told me this, I texted him a week later asking to hangout and he dodged it but addressed the other parts of the convo. I also know he is attracted to me as well. BUT, I am really hurt-why couldn't he have just said it's not okay because of his gf? he doesn't have much to lose. We weren't THAT close imo (not sure on his end). He did visit a few weeks later because he was only in the neighborhood.


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  • He's not into you


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