Do I tell my mom or not?

My brother parked his SUV in the garage, which I'm not used to being there. When his car is there I have to back out at a weird angle. So this morning I was trying to make sure not to hit his car and instead backed up too far and hit the metal gutter that runs down the side of the house. It left a scratch on the bumper and the gutter is bent in, but I can't remember if the gutter was like that before or if I did it when I hit it.

When I first started driving 2 years ago, I cracked the sideview mirror and told my mom about it and another time I scratched the back of the car in some bushes leaving a friend's house. I told her about that too. But I'm 20 now and I can't believe I did this. I never have a problem when my brother isn't parked next to me.

I'm leaving for college in less than a week so I was thinking no one would notice the gutter until after I'm gone unless I point it out to them.

BUT, my 23 year old brother sometimes looks for scratches and dents on the car to get me in trouble. He's pointed out marks that have happened from shopping carts and tried to tell my mom I'm a horrible driver. He took a screw driver to the bumper once when he was mad at me and told my mom I hit something. (my mom believed him cause he's the favorite) So, I'm really I'm paranoid about this. Otherwise, I wouldn't be freaking out right now. I'm afraid if I tell my mom she's going to tell my brother and he's going to give me sh*t about it. But if I don't tell her I don't think she'd notice. I just don't want my brother to notice the scratches on my car and the dent in the gutter and put two and two together and realize I hit it. Maybe I'm being overly paranoid.

I'm usually a very honest person, so it is really hard for me not telling anyone what happened. I have friends who have lied about stuff like this and don't feel bad at all. So, I feel like I should just not say anything, but on the other hand, what if my brother figures out what happened and tells on me and I look like a bad person? I suppose I could just deny it, but then I'd still feel bad. Someone help me. I don't know what to do.


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  • If he says anything say you don't know how it happened or just say a stupid driver was speeding as you were reversing and your car hit his, wasn't your fault. Mostly just say none of your business.

    As for your mum what she doesn't know won't hurt her.

    I know it's easier said than done because I myself am a worst liar. I can never hide anything from my mum I always end up blurting the truth


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  • Just tell your mom what happened and if you brother is giving you problems tell him to grow up already. Mistakes happen and no one is perfect. ArabianPwincess makes a good point too, its not really any of their business anyway as you are an adult now.


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