What should I do to get him back?

So I talked to my ex Friday night and he said he might give me another chance in the future and that he will text me sometime. Well I lost it yestrday and texted him he said as of right now we won't be getting back together ever. You don't listen to me. Goodbye. I tried talking to him to apologize and his answer was no. Could he be acting like this because he's mad? Do you think if I give him one or two months no contact do you think he may change his mind? He gave me chances before so I don't know if he will change his mind. Please help what to do!


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  • Just wait that long and if you are lucky he will take you back If he does you will have to listen to him and do what he says to avoid another break up If it looks like he will never take you back You will just have to find someone else


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  • Speaking from recent experience with this, it's best you do contact and move on as best as you can with your life, which I know is thr hardest part. Men are wired differently and need time away from us to figure out what they really want, whether they miss us, etc.

    Just stay strong, don't contact for at least a month or so when you are in a better place about the break up. After that, maybe send a simple message saying hey, hope all is well, then leave it at that. But remember, the more you push, the further away he goes.

    Good luck!


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