Physical pain due to emotional pain? Break-up?

Okay, so I am a 20 years old girl. I kinda had problems with my love for a lot of time. And today I had to accept that I can't get him and we can't be together and we are not made for each other. I was in a long confusion and denial, but today something big happened that I decided to face it. As soon as the thought of him not being in my life poured into my head and emotions into my heart, I felt an extreme pain in my heart. It lasted for an hour until I drank water and relaxed. I started to have intense heart pain along with chest tingeing and pain in left arm and back. What does this condition signify? I am confused because I was physically all right, but when I felt very hurt and broken, I started having this pain.

What is the reason?

Any name for the condition?

Any treatments?


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  • Emotions can show up as physical symptoms all the time. Anxiety can bring on all the sorts of feelings you experiencing physically. If it happens a lot, you might want to talk to a doctor about being treated for anxiety - it doesn't always mean you go on medicine, sometimes you just learn better coping skills through therapy.


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