A breakup, a cry for help, an ambulance and a trip to a councillor in a cop car

While all this is happening I'm going through being diagnosed with a brain tumor, he knew he cared, but of course that's no reason to stay with someone. I found out a week ago the tumor is a pituitary tumor and releases too much thyroid hormone into my body causing hyperthyroidism which can mimic a large array of mental illnesses in people, including everything I have - also the reason why, my doctor said, I'm not seeing improvement despite medications. So my moodiness, my freak out, my fears, my need for resolution now or else I go into panic mode, my doctor (aware of this situation and others like it) said it was my thyroid. I have thyroid meds now and I felt great while I was taking them. I told my ex about all this news, I thought it would at least open up dialogue again...it didn't he still blamed me for the way I handled things and said the hurt I caused won't just disappear because of these revelations. Had he met me today he would have never seen the awful side of me and we would still be happy. He's already looking into dating again...he officially ended it 4 days ago. I've stopped taking all my meds all together, there's no point, I have no one to get better for anymore, and I don't care about getting better for myself. I feel hopeless, even suicidal, probably because I dropped off my meds so quickly. I told him this, he sent an ambulance to my house, the police brought me to see a councillor to talk about my feelings. But it doesn't help, I still feel awful. I know this is a learning experience so I don't repeat these same mistakes with someone else, but I don't want to get better for someone else I want to be better for him and with him. Everything could be OK if he just gave it one more chance, but he wont, he doesn't want to speak to me ever again, I don't blame him. My councillor said dialogue would be good for both of us, but I don't think he cares. I'm not asking how do I get him back or how to I change his mind cause after all this I'm sure he doesn't ever want to see me again, I just want to know how to deal with all of this...and maybe what would you have done?


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  • I think that all the sh*t you jut described would be enough for anyone to question things. If I were you and I was in that situation I would understand why he left. Yeah it sucks and it's not fair. But sh*t happens. And I think to expect someone to be able to handle all this normally I think is unrealistic.

    How do you deal with all of this? Take your medication, beyond anything you're going to do in your life at this very moment, the most important thing is that your healthy and well to carry on with your life. Listen to your doctor and try to relax. Focus on you. What you're dealing with is very very serious and needs to be handled as such.


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