Break up after a 4 year long relationship. What to do?

So it's been more than 6 months after we broke up (almost 4 year long relationship), I'm almost 28 she's 26. We study in the same school masters she's orthodoncist and I'm endo. So at the beginning after break up I was constantly trying to get her back, and after a while I gave up but its been very hard for me since she was the dumpee.

Last time we talked for an hour she asked if I already liked someone and so on and I told her no. So this was like 2 weeks ago.

Last Saturday there was this party and I was SO DRUNK, I just say "hi" to her never apprached to her, but people say I was saying nasty things of her, not directly to her.. guess I was pissed that she was there and I know she doesn't want me back.

SO party ended and next day I felt sad for just seeing her.. So today I've tried talking to her twice to know if she's mad for some reason and she won't answer. I guess I pretty much blewed it. I already sent her message saying I didn't rmember what happened and if I offended her in some way I was sorry and that I was still ill , hoped she's doing well

So how should I act now? I mean it's pretty hard seeing her at school its awkward. SHould I just give a f*** ? I really hope we can be together again but I haven't really showed any interest in her, but I know she realices I still love her and miss her.
I didn't had to apologize since she wasn't mad, she was just "sad" that I never approached to her and talke (which I ended doing on Monday)

She says She misses me but right now she's focusing on herself and her friends and so on. She doesn't know if We will be together again. In this topic she does not say "We aren't gettiing back" she's just like "I don't know, not right now". I've been focusing on school, gym, gave up smoking, eating well, meeting girls I still miss her a lot but not showing


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  • Apologize for being an a**hole and tell her that you are going to take some time of no contact with her so that you can get your sh*t together.


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  • Honestly just try and improve yourself, work out more, follow through with those New Years relsolutions you've had building up for the last ten years, get a new wardrobe. Best the best you, you can be, and stop talking to her. It will show her exactly what she gave up and she'll come crawling right back to you.

  • she is not saying we aren't getting back together because no one knows the future but she doesn't want to right now,are you willing to wait for someone who may or may not come back? you should just date other girls, see how fast that brings her back


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  • Give it some more time to cool off. Four years is a really long time. My relationships never last longer than a year, so it's difficult for me to relate to your level of attachment to this girl.

  • Well you shouldn't have to "act". You need to step back and stop trying to manipulate her to like you again. Give each other some space and stop apologizing to her.


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