He doesn't show much interest till I back off. What should I think/do about this guy?

He doesn't show much interest till I back off, he expects me to come to him and won't try harder to get to me keeps throwing in my face if I really wanted to go hang out id find a way.

He gets mad at me for drinking.. But why does he care

What does he want me to chase him or is he just not that interested?

I know he's physically attracted, It's no secret everybody knows..

He's told me I'm a Badass chick a couple times. He's told me he likes and missed talking to me.. He's told me I'm the only girl he's talking to

I'm not like a slut or anything I have respect for myself I'm a good girlfriend he's seen that.

He's even told me let's get off drugs and be together, then turned

Around and said he's not wanting a girl then got jealous over me hanging with a guy.

Also he was excited that were both now clean off of dope now..

what should I think or do? My feelings are starting to get involved and I don't know if he's interested or what the heck


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  • It sounds like getting involved is asking for trouble. Do you want to be dating someone who suddenly backs off, leaving you feeling like an idiot? He may be cute, but it could do a number on your emotions...


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