Is there a chance of us getting back together?

So, we started dating when the high school began, I was 14 and he was 15 . We dated for a year and really got along perfectly, except there was this one problem that with time tore us apart and made us just friends. As we were so young we were really shy about physical stuff so we basically just held hands and kissed on cheeks, once we partly kissed on the lips. It was going on like that for a year and then he said he thinks we're better of friends, as we've mostly been acting that way. It's been 14 months since we broke up, but we stayed friends. Now I'm his best friend and he's my best male friend. He said no one ever understood him more than I do and that he only opens up like that to me. When I asked him a few months ago if there's a chance of us getting back together, he said ''Now I don't think so, I wanna be your friend, but I'm not saying never. Who knows what the future brings.'' Now we're in the same shifts at school and will be able to see each other more often. Also, sometimes we flirt and it's more like teasing, but just that. And I noticed he likes to talk about the past and memories, but don't know how to make him make a move on me or sth and I don't wanna get rejected again and turn out a fool.
Btw now I'm 16 and he's turning 17 .


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  • "except there was this one problem that with time tore us apart and made us just friends"

    ...what was this problem? this could be a reason why he felt like things wouldn't work and why he feels better off as friends

    however without knowing that "one problem" it seems like there is a chance you two could get back together, but I wouldn't hold your breahth. It's great that you two are such close friends so I wouldn't want to press that issue at risk of losing a friendship. I also would allow yourself to be open to other relationship possibilities. While it sounds like you and this dude have a really good relationship you'd really hate yourself if you waited to for a move on his part and it never came meanwhile you were sort of just waiting all that time and missing some potentially great dating opportunities

    • I mentioned the problem, it was that physical stuff, kissing to be specific. I wanted him to kiss me, he wanted to kiss me, but we were too shy so we only held hands, kissed on the cheeks and only once partly on the lips. That's what he meant, we got along great, but we mostly acted like friends (read: didn't kiss and act like normal couples) and that was bothering us both, but no one did anything about it. I distanced myself from him for a while and had other crushes, but it was kind of

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    • well I think it's fair that he is scared and hesitant to get into a relationship that hurt him so much when you two broke up. and as his friend you should really just be alright with that... I think there is a chance. but I would proceed through life like it wasn't going to happen. being his friend and keeping your options and heart open to the possibility of other guys or the chance that he does want to date again

    • Yeah, I'm taking all your advice in consideration and I'll just proceed being his friend and there for him and ask him about his reservations, us and future and so when I feel the moment's right. Thanks, you deserve the best answer :)

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  • your still young so don't rush things up:) Sometimes, if a guy don't wanna loose someone, they wanted to be attache as friend. Being in a relationship is complicated and break-ups can possibly happen anytime and that will make patrners part ways, so probably, your best friend just don't want to make your relationship complicated esp. that your both young and feelings can possibly changed in the future. The only difference bet. best friend and lovers is sex. having a male best friend is a treasure for girls. SO just stay put and things will just happen on their proper time and way:)

    • Oh, no I didn't mean sex or anything, I meant just kissing. We were too shy for that so we only once partly kissed on the lips. Thanks, but you know how I'd like things to turn out :) I've been in love with him for 3 years now.

    • :) you got me wrong... I don't mean you did it, but then I'm telling you that, sex is only the difference between best friends and lovers:) yes, just stay inlove. The greatest feeling is to be inlove with someone because that will be your inspiration. but if you entered into relationship, things will not be thesame anymore. there will be jealousy, possessiveness, insecurities and sometimes you will feel like being paranoid..

    • Yeah, had all of these feelings before. I couldn't agree more on the inspiration part:)

  • I think you should consider getting back together, once you both have more experience dating. After you go through another guy or two, you'll be less awkward and things will be better between you two. When you're mature, go for it. What do you have to lose?

    • Thanks for advice, though I disagree. I wouldn't like to have someone else and him to have someone else to ''practice'' or whatever and then get back together.

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