Away at College - Move-In Day Tradition?

I'm a 19 year old guy and I'm going to a small private college that starts next week. Well they have a tradition at this school on move-in day to help everyone get to know each other and ease the nervousness of the new freshman girls. On move-in day the freshman girls bring their bags/luggage to the common/hang-out room.

On move-in night, a number of guys from the dorm go and help deliver the bags/luggage from the common room to each girls dorm room. order to help the new freshman girls from being nervous about starting college, being away for the first time and so the new girls can see college can be fun and a cool place...the tradition is that the guys that help carry the girls luggage do so wearing only a pair of sneakers and their boxers or briefs, nothing more.

The idea is since the guys are only in their underwear, it helps to get the new girls to relax and not be nervous about their first night away from home, to give them something to laugh about, have a good time and let them see college can be it helps everyone get to know each other. Obviously the girls remain fully clothed.

I've heard in past years it was pretty fun and everyone has a good time. For a number of the girls this is their first time away from home and for some of them it's the first time they've seen a male in just his underwear in there is typically lots of laughs and giggles and it really helps them relax on their first night.

I'm debating whether to volunteer that night to help move the bags? On one hand I think it's a cool tradition and helps...but at the same time it seems kind of unfair that the girls get to see us in just our boxers, but we don't get to see them. What do you think? Should I volunteer or no? What would you do?


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  • Sounds like a pretty awesome tradition- for the girls at least lol! Not sure the poor guys aren't getting the short end of the stick though- it's YOUR first night at college too and here you are lugging around girls' bags in your underwear. I feel like there should be some give and take there, seems like it's all on the guys to make the girls feel at home and less nervous...

    But hey, if you're comfortable with it, It would probably be a good way to meet some people, male or female and it will definitely be one of those college stories you'll tell FOREVER.

    • lol Yes it does seem pretty awesome for the girls, since they get a nice show watching us carry their bags wearing nothing more then our boxers and a smile! lol At first I was thinking it was unfair as well since it's just us in underwear and the girls are fully clothed...but I guess the girls are probably more nervous/anxious being away from home? I'll admit I'm a little nervous, but I think it would be cool to help and be a part of it. I take it you would enjoy it as a girl? lol

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    • I'm kind of torn about it- the reverse sexism makes the left-leaning, equality seeking part of me, but the tradition does appeal to the fun-loving part of me as well. On one hand. it's sexist all around (parading guys like man-servants to make poor nervous naieve girls feel better about being awya from home). But on the other, it's just good fun you can really only have in college...

    • I know what you mean, but it's almost like that 'unfairness' of parading the guys around in nothing more then their boxers while they deliver bags to fully clothed girls is part of what makes it fun and unique? Like having the girls fully clothed while the guys act as servants in just their underwear not only makes it entertaining, but helps the girls be more relaxed? Like I can't see any other way to do it that would be as effective and entertaining? I mean what do you think? Right or wrong?

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  • lol That sounds pretty cool. I think you should go for it! :) I remember my first night being away and I think something like this would have helped me be less nervous. It may seem kind of weird or unfair...but once your in your boxers you won't even be thinking about it since everyone will be having fun! Plus, girls are usually more modest and private with their it's better this way.

    So yeah I would say to do it.

    • Thanks, yeah I think it will be cooler for the girls though. lol

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  • CAn you also volunteer to help them undress? Think how much THAT would get them comfortable with college life! These are freshmen, you can't expect they'd be at all comfortable getting undressed in public.

    Just kidding, sort of! I wish I had gone to this college!

    Sure, volunteer. It's the only time these girls, most of them will get to see you half naked!

    • lol I know the girls will enjoy watching us carry their bags in just our boxers. And yeah it would be one of the few times I can be in my underwear in front of a bunch of girls. lol But it does seem unfair they get to keep their clothing on, although I guess it's the best way to help make them less nervous and get everyone to know each other.

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    • Yeah. Well I would say it is more appropriate to have the guys deliver the bags in boxers. I mean girls usually do need more privacy with their bodies. But overall you would definitely volunteer?

    • You bet! I don't see why the girls couldn't be in biknis or something!

  • You're a fool not to do it. Freshmen chicks are easy.

  • I guess you should I mean I'd be nervous to do that kind of thing though.

    • Hey thanks. So you would do it or no? What would make you nervous?

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    • Um not really lol I've never done anything like that

    • lol Yeah it's a bit of a unique tradition. I'm sure the girls will enjoy the show though. lol

  • Make sure you rock some bling too


    Do work.


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