Does he like me or does he want to use me?

So I met this really awesome guy on a long plane trip from Atlanta to California and we happened to start talking and we just hit it off we are both just young and free spirited (he's six years older then me but I'm mature). He asked me for my number while we we're grabbing our bags and I gave it to him and he said he was going to be back in Florida (where I live) in a month or so for business. We ended up talking and snap chatting a ton and we found out how much we had in common. He recommended a bunch of really great reggae music for me and would tell me how certain songs would remind him of me and how excited/ nervous he was to kick it with me in Florida.

When he came down on business we got together and lit up and laughed and had a good night. We had talked about spending the night together before but I told him I wasn't sure how fun it'd be because I was a virgin (not that I wasn't open to loosing it just that I hadn't gotten around to it). I felt like a freak for admitting it through text, but he was really reassuring and chill about it.

So the night we hung out together were high and laughing and blasting music and we ended up snuggling and then I was laying on his chest and looked up at him and asked "Isn't this the part were you make a move or something?" and he was like "Well I was gonna wait a few minutes...but yeaaaahhhhh I guesss I could!" So I was laughing and then one thing led to another and before I knew it he asked "You ready?" and I was having the time of my life. It was really intense, I think I've never had a moment I've been more nervous about or a moment I've been more amazed about. He totally forgot I was a virgin though, he remembered afterward and was like congratulations, and although I thought guys were supposed to give virgin girls some sort of special treatment when taking it from them, I was happy to know he wasn't out to take it.

So I had to be back before sunrise and when he dropped me off at my place it was kinda sweet, he ran around to open the door for me and we had this one last perfect hug against the side of the car, and he put his arms around me and kissed me softly on my neck and he told me he'd be back in another month and he'd give me a call when he was in town. I thought this was just him being polite or whatever because I just assumed it was a one night stand kind of thing (I can be pessimistic when it comes to guys). So when we continued texting and snapping I was sorta surprised, we still talk like every other day despite the time change. And tonight he told me once his farming season was up in Cali around October he was thinking of moving back to Florida. I think he likes it down here better because his friends and family are over here.

If I'm being honest I like him a lot, not enough to have a long distance relationship with, but enough to know he is special to me. I can't tell though... I don't know if he really likes me or just wants to use me?


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