Is something in my relationship lacking? Is it worth it, or should I end it?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over 3 years, and have gone through quite an adventure together. We've both been through a lot and have helped each other stay emotionally strong. We love each other very much and talk about our future together very seriously, but lately I've been fantasizing about my ex-boyfriend... My ex-boyfriend and I ended because of a long-distance relationship that was starting to be too difficult to maintain. We decided it'd be best to "stay friends" although we both still loved each other.

I'm not sure if I'm second-guessing myself and having these "fantasy thoughts" because I've been in this relationship for a while and my mind and body are just being "human", or if I'm REALLY not meant to be in this relationship anymore. When I picture my life in 5 years, I definitely see myself with my boyfriend - getting married, having a family, etc. So why do I feel like RIGHT NOW I should be messing around with my ex? I'm so confused and terrified as to why these thoughts are happening...

Do these thoughts tell me that this isn't right?

Do these thoughts tell me it's "normal" to second-guess myself because no relationship is 100% perfect?

Do these thoughts mean something in my relationship is lacking and needs to be worked on in order for me to fantasize about my own boyfriend?

I need opinions!


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  • If you gotta ask, and if you are fantasizing about someone else id'e say something in your subconscious needs to be worked out.

    Only you know who is the one for you.


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  • If you were meant to be with your ex you still would be.

    It sounds like you really do love your current guy and if I were you I would stick with him.

    There will always be times in any long term relationship where you think 'what if' but these feelings usually pass if you are truly happy. Give it some time.

    If in a while you still have these feelings about your ex maybe you should talk to your boyfriend about it and suggest a break.

    Don't do anything hasty because you may regret it later.

    • They were in long distance, the meant to be thing doesn't apply to her situation. And meant to be doesn't really mean anything, just a saying people use to make themselves feel better..

  • Sat with your current boyfriend. You'll probably break up with your ex again if you went back.


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