I love my boyfriend but I still think about my ex!

He left me last year. It was my first relationship and it only lasted 3 months. I felt so sorry about the break up. Not because I tried so hard to make my relationship work but because I didn't try at all. I actually hurt his feelings a lot, and he ended up dumping me.

Anyways, a year after, I still think about him time to time.. Is it really difficult to get over your first relationship if you are the one who was dumped? or is there something wrong with me?

Btw, I have been with my current boyfriend for 4,5 months now, and I love him very much.


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  • it does take time especially to get over that first breakup, as for the amount of time it really depends on the person and the kind of relationship they had. You just have to realize that you cannot change the past and that every relationship is a lesson (partially why we get into relationships) which you learn from so you can better yourself for the next one. RIGHT NOW you are in a relationship with a guy you love very much which is great, so now that you know how much it sucks when you don't try make the change and put effort in the relationship to keep this guy around and keep your relationship happy and healthy. Give it time, this will pass. Like I said, take it as a lesson for all future relationships. hope this helps :)

    • Thank you so much for your reply. Yea this time I put effort to my relationship so if it ends I would have a clear conscience.

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    • I made it in an accident! I was using my touch screen phone and I tried to touch thumps up button but accidentally click on other one. sorry! I tried to change it but it won't change once you vote :S

    • lol oh okay, I was just wondering since your response didn't exact match the thumbs down :P I always do that on my iPod -.-

  • I had a girlfriend for several years who broke my heart badly and it took a long time for me to get over. I fell in love with a different girl awhile after the 1st and had my heart broken yet again. But, I never forgot about that first girl. It's been several years since I've been broken up with #1 and not a day goes by that I don't think of her... So I feel your pain.


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