Any women here in a relationship but in love with someone else?

Any women in here in a relationship but in love with someone else? An ex perhaps? A one that got away or something? And also why are you in love with this other person?

Longing for that chance you never got? What ifs?

If you answered yes to any of these why do you not end your current relationship to persue what your heart wants?

To chicken? Don't want to ruin the time you spend on that relationship?

Do you love both men? Or can you just not decide which one you really want and stay with your boyfriend as a safe choice?

Does your boyfriend manipulate you into staying? Are you afraid to leave and don't have the guts to?

There's no shame in going after what your heart wants ladies answer anonymously if need be and I would appreciate stories! Thank you.
  • I'm in a relationship but love someone else and am afraid to end it to persue someone else.
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  • I'm to chicken to end it.
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  • I stay so I don't disappoint our families.
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  • I love them both. But love the guy I'm not with more just don't have the guts.
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  • I don't want to disappoint friends and family and he manipulates me into staying.
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  • I love my ex but I love the guy I'm with.. none of those options apply to me and are very specific..

    • What applies to you then?

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  • im dating a guy but I'm in love with his best friend don't want to end it because I'm scared he could hurt me or spread rumors or try to hurt his friend and at least their relationship I started liking him since the moment we were introduced 10 months ago when me and my boyfriend were fighting I ran to him and he comforted me I have never felt the same about my boyfriend but I still like dating him

    • How could you like someone who would lie and spread rumors about you?

    • He is special to me and I just don't think he would take it well if he found out

  • Not at the moment but I have been in that position. Still with my boyfriend and fell out of love with the other guy over time.

    I loved both men at the same time but knew my boyfriend was the good guy and the other had too many emotional problems to get involved with. He was my ex that is how I know he was bad for relationships.


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