Does he like me? Or was it because it was my birthday?

I had recently celebrated my birthday with some friends and invited this one guy, whom I had met once before and we talked the rest of that particular night. We all sat together with him next to me. He was sitting on this seat with one of my girl friends I had invited. I noticed that when they were striking up conversation, he was talking to her but he didn't face her. Later on, when we stopped at a lounge, he was still sitting next to the same girl he was talking to earlier, and they were making conversation and I was next to her. Then she had to leave early, which left a space between me and him. He scooted over in my direction and he shifted his body so that he was facing me. Finally, we went to another lounge, where he insisted that he buy me a birthday drink. I obliged and told him how nice of him it was, and he was joking about how he wanted to and it was my birthday, and smiled a little. Then, he took me away from my other friends.

He found us two empty seats and we sat down, talking about everything really, from hobbies to roommates. Then we were joking how I would buy him a birthday drink for his birthday if he invited me to his party which is in Feb. I was a little bit buzzed by then and I started saying how Feb is a long time away and we might forget who we were. And he implied that we shouldn't let that happen. I asked how and he said something about getting together before then, like without the group. The whole time we were talking, he kept his body angled towards me. And then he mentioned about going to some hotspots where he lives, like hipster places since I mentioned something about the hipster life during our convo lol. He offered me some water to offset some of the alcohol. And on the way back to our cars, he offered to help re-gain my balance by letting me hook my arm in his. But here's the thing. I'm not sure if he was doing all of this because it was my birthday or if he really wanted to talk to me on a personal level. I'm beginning to like him and I don't wanna start doing so until I'm sure it's mutual.

here's a text he sent me after I told him thanks for his company:

yes thanks for inviting me, I had a great time! And it would be great to out sometime in (withheld), there's a lot of cool spots I've been wanting to check out with the right company :). happy birthday and get home safely.

I replied the next day with some follow-up q's to which he replied:

there's apparently a good pizza spot in (withheld) I've been wanting to try, as well as some cool bars. And for dancing, we should get a group to go to (withheld).

so now I'm confused as to what he is referring to by 'right company' (me or the group) and I'm also debating whether or not he's implying that we (the two of us or our group) should get some pizza. *sry for new here, but thanks for the help!


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  • Just because you were the birthday girl


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