Guy friend confusing me deeply

Well He's a year older or two than me a graduated senior.

We never hung out but we were school friends when I went to school with him, didn't talk a whole bunch though. I was a loner back then and only had school friends I guess.

He's talked on and off to me through the months of this year, but last week he's been texting me nonstop really. Like we talk all the time, about music, his feelings, food, career, working out. A lot of it leads to him being really depressed and feeling sad in which I pep talk him. He sends me his lyrics and vocals to judge as well.

Also he sends me old videos of him singing, and he sent me a vid of his favorite musical, it was a song (which was romantically themed but funny) and yet told me that wasn't his favorite song out it.

I've never talked to him this long either, but he usually almost always talks to me back. He gets really open then backs off a lot, but I keep my mouth and ear open for him. We just text.

Today nearly marks the second week he's been talking to me actually. We've talked ALL day today nonstop, and then the conversation got really weird...Like we were talking about getting out of the county we're in and moving away ( NOT TOGETHER but just starting careers and crap) and brings up

"Yeah and have baby with a friend" with like a sad face. I said What? He got kinda distant said "nothing.." and then opened up telling me he wants a daughter and stuff, and I said he should have a career and money first etc. He sorta faded off for awhile after that then came back showing me lyrics to songs he wrote and we talked more.

He got really glum sounding though, and kept going on about how he wasn't physically fit enough to sing or something and I finally said "yes you are" and told him to stop obsessing about his looks or whatever and he acted like I weirded him out. (he was talking about diaphragm strength for singing...) but then he got super reclusive after that too and I just told him to not be sad it'd be okay.

Then later we started talking again and he was cheery again, and even really nice. He even called my opinions cool and stuff which I've never noticed him do before. Then we started talking about other stuff and we got into daydreaming and he said he does it a lot cause he's a hopeless romantic.

I never even suspected that of him actually, so I inquired and he said none of his relationships were good, (he had super pretty girlfriends too) and I tried explaining people are asses sometimes etc. But he said it was his problem and I said no that's just people usually its rare to find caring people.

He finally said "No that no it" and I asked him why

He replies "nothing..I'm gonna go to bed now" and I just said good night that was it.

One minute he acts happy and open, but then he'd say something awkward and well I tried to be open and nice and he'd back off?


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  • He either likes you or sees you as a therapist-figure (which means he may subconsciously like you and not even realize it).


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  • He's either moody and bipolar or is constantly testing you. You guys have never discussed hanging out?


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