Should I re-add my ex-boyfriend on Facebook?

Right I need your help guys. I am just suffering terribly. I broke up with my boyfriend back in June after a year long emotional rollercoaster. We were both going through a really tough training course and we supported each other through everything, I loved him dearly, I fully devoted myself to him and supported him in any way I could. He told me daily that he loved me and I had completely presumed that we would be spending the rest of our lives together. We came to a fork in the road where we will be living an hour apart. He said some things that shocked me, he told me it was too soon to move in together and too soon to get married, but he again continually said he loved me. He started putting other things before me, and he said we can see each other at weekends next year, which obviously I wasn't happy about. I felt like the whole time he just needed someone to get him through the year and now he has got the job he wanted he, he has just tossed me to the side.

I explained how I felt about this, and he didn't deny anything, he said he understood if I wanted to break up and didn't really put up much of a fight. I felt utterly used, he wanted me to break up with him. So I did.

It has been nearly 2 months and I have recently been doing really well, haven't thought about him much and have been keeping fit and trying to get myself back on track. Suddenly yesterday I went on Facebook and there he was my ex-boyfriend (the man I still love) in loads of photos with his arm around another girl and in a relationship.

I was absolutely devastated, I cried to my mum, I felt sick. I was hurt over a number of things; 1) when we were together he said he didn't want photos of us because he hated the way he looked, and now there are loads of him and this girl, so obviously he meant he didn't want any with me. 2) I realized this girl and him became friends when we were still together, so he must have been lining her up ready for when we broke up.

3) How has he moved on so quickly? I mean I am getting myself back on track but I am nowhere near ready to even date anyone else let alone get into a relationship, because I like to take time for myself.

The upsetting thing is he knows I would have seen these photos, so why is he trying to hurt me? When we broke up, he practically begged me to stay friends because he said he never would have been able to get through that year without me.

In the end I realized I wasn't going to be able to get over him, unless I deleted him off Facebook, and now I really want to add him again.

Should I add him again and try and be friends or should I just leave it?



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  • is obvious by the change of his behavior that he was indeed lining her up and neglecting your needs so that you would break up with him and he can go on his merry way guilt not add the arse hole..he does not deserve anymore of your precious time. some guys are such douche bags and can replace a girlfriend for a new one in a heart beat,those are the self centered aholes who will not succeed and a real relationship because they don't know the real meaning of love,only temp lust.He will regret it when it happens to him


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  • Probably not, it's already drained you emotionally and you should move on from there.


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  • It's probably best you don't add him, because it appears you're not over him at all so having him appearing on your Facebook every day would not help you move on from him. You shouldn't add him unless you know you've moved on completely and you get along as friends.

  • I wouldn't re add. It was just hurt you too much emotionally. It's best to let it go and continue getting yourself where you need to be. And that new relationship of his, that's purely a rebound thing, so I wouldn't worry about that too much. Yes, it does hurt, but you'll realize you're in a bettet place now. Stay strong. Keep yourself occupied and you'll move on in no time. :)


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